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Dream Pinball 3D confirmed for Wii and DS 2008-03-05
Multiple types of ball material promise to make this pinball game a little different.
Hunting and Animals this Christmas in S. Korea 2007-12-15
Strong marketing campaign from Nintendo Korea
EA Completes Construction Of SimCity DS 2007-06-20
Electronic Arts recently announced that it has shipped SimCity DS to stores. Bringing the popular PC franchise to the DS, this portable entry features the city-building gameplay th
DS Market Expanding With Headset, Browser 2007-06-20
Nintendo's efforts to attract non-gamers to the DS seem to go in waves. First we saw the launch of the Touch Generations brand, and now Nintendo is making another push with a grou
Famitsu Scores Zelda DS Almost Perfect 2007-06-20
The bad news? According to Famitsu, by way of NeoGAF, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is not as good as Nintendogs. Sorry. The good news, however, for anyone looking forward
Konami Bringing Contra IV to Nintendo DS 2007-06-20
For video game players of a certain age (including DT's Fearless Leader) video games just never got any better than the side-scrolling, shoot-em up classic Contra, which chronicle
Sega・s brain teaser: Touch de Uno DS 2007-06-20
Touch de Uno DS fell off the radar, even though it is going to be released in Japan. Its history is sort of odd, Touch de Uno was originally an arcade game and even though the name
Wii/DS: EA Playground Info 2007-06-20
All-New Intellectual Property Features Your Favorite Playground GamesRain or shine, the fun doesn・t stop! Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) announced today that EA Playground™
Dynasty Warriors Fighter・s Battle Euro Release 2007-06-20
Dynasty Warriors to be unleashed on Nintendo DS this AugustKOEI, announced the release of Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter・s Battle in Europe. The multi million selling Dynasty Warrio
Nintendo's DS Lite getting redesigned? 2007-06-20
Don't place your bets just yet, but rumors are beginning to swirl in the DS Lite arena about a possible redesign. Considering all the PSP2 whispering that has been going on of lat
Konami Confirms Contra 4 for DS 2007-06-20
The explosive Action series Contra celebrates its 20th Anniversary in style with the forth in the series making its way to the DS with a combination of classic gameplay mechanics t
Cing Talks Hotel Dusk, Another Code for Wii & DS, Plus More 2007-06-20
Both Another Code: Two Memories and Hotel Dusk: Room 215 have proven to be major hits for Japanese developer Cing, bringing a much needed boost to the traditional adventure genre i
Is the iPhone getting exclusive Nintendo games? 2007-06-20
20 June 2007 - Just when we thought there couldn't be any more justification for needing an iPhone this rumour pops up.

Nintendo are apparently working on games for the Apple
DS bargains abound 2007-06-20
The DS is a fairly wallet friendly console on the whole, but that doesn't mean that as devotees of the dual screen we're above scraping through the internet for bargains. A penny
Fullmetal Alchemist: DS finally dated for Europe 2007-06-20
Based on the award winning anime of the same name, players take on the role of Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, on a journey to combat the evil Homunculi and acquire the Phil
DS Torm launches employee incentive programme 2007-06-20
COPENHAGEN (Thomson Financial) - Danish shipping transport group DS Torm AS
said it is launching a bonus and stock option programme for 365 of its
employees, excluding the board
New official Nintendo DS pencil stylus 2007-06-20
This pencil-shaped stylus for the Nintendo DS is achingly old skool-cool.

It is available in orange and green and is slightly larger than the standard stylus and works with you
Nintendo Wii and DS get DodgeBall EA Playground Game 2007-06-20
Many already know that EA Playground is coming to the Nintendo Wii and DS as the company was giving interviews about the game in May, but things have now gone into the official sta
Shippin' Out June 18-22: RE4 Wii, Hot Brain, BIA & SimCity DS 2007-06-20
As evidenced by tepid reviews for Scarface, Red Steel, and Medal of Honor: Vanguard, action games haven't fared too well critically on the Nintendo Wii. This week, though, a survi
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Announced 2007-06-19
Atari, one of Australia・s leading sources of interactive entertainment and Konami Digital Entertainment today announced that PES 2008 will be released in Summer 2007. The latest e
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