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Zunou ni Asekaku Game Series! Vol. 1

Rom No. 0010
Genre Casino
Region Japan
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Cool 104 Joker is a game played using two card decks (hence the "104" of the title). The player has five cards at all times, and one card is placed in the discard pile faceup. The player must add all the cards to the pile, but to discard any card in the hand, that card must be of the same suit or value as the card at the top of the discard pile. Since the player can see five cards at once, it becomes a game of strategy, of determining the order that will allow the player to discard as many cards as possible before getting stuck. Setline is an original puzzle game in which the player fits small hexagonal pieces into a large grid. Each piece has three differently colored lines that run across it. Points are scored by placing down the pieces in such a way that the player creates a solid line from one edge of the grid to another, filling up the grid to create as many lines as possible once all the pieces are down. Certain spots on the grid earn bonus points if the player can complete a line that touches them.
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