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Retro Atari Classics - Review

By , From IGN | 2008-03-05

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Pong, Warlords, and Sprint, three games that could literally fit in the memory of a microwave oven, couldn't be made to work in the Nintendo DS' Download Multiplayer function. This game seriously could have benefited from single cartridge multiplayer, but in the final form you need to buy two copies of the game to get "competitive" Pong.

Every game in the package has a "remix" mode, which is an option that absolutely does not fit the "retro" theme. Atari commissioned four graffiti artists to recreate a new look for the old games, and "art" is something I use loosely. Art is certainly subjective, but in my opinion, the "remixed" editions of these classic games are flat-out ugly and almost hinder the visibility of some of the designs. Centipede is particularly nasty with items such as hearts replacing the mushrooms, and the neutral black background now has a splash of random colors that makes it incredibly hard to see the enemies. These "remixed" versions really make the games feel a lot like generic, unlicensed "shareware" versions of the game designs, and this new style completely removes the original's old-school look and feel for something totally irrelevant to the original designs.

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