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Article Release Date
Ford Racing 3 - Review 2008-03-05
A budget racer that's not as bad as some of the higher profile games on the system.
Whac-A-Mole - Review 2008-03-05
Rodent pops up. Whack the rodent. Rodent disappears. Repeat.
Space Invaders Revolution - Review 2008-03-05
You say you want a revolution? You're not going to get one in this DS game.
Retro Atari Classics - Review 2008-03-05
Once again, the familiar arcade games hit the scene, this time for the touch-screen handheld. Our full review.
Pokemon Dash! - Review 2008-03-05
Will this racing game make you dash to the store, or run away from the DS?
Rhythm 'n Notes - Review 2007-12-21
It's a flat note.
Left Brain, Right Brain - Review 2007-12-21
Interesting take on the Brain Age approach, but comes up empty-handed.
Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command - Review 2007-12-21
No grid = no good. Now featuring technical issues.
Shrek: Ogres and Dronkeys - Review 2007-12-21
And you thought human kids were a hassle.
MX vs. ATV Untamed - Review 2007-12-21
Rhythm racing comes to Nintendo DS.
Alvin and the Chipmunks - Review 2007-12-21
Just buy a tank of's far more entertaining.
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 - Review 2007-12-21
Even the crazy Rabbids can't make this game interesting.
Impossible Mission - Review 2007-12-21
Just because it's old doesn't immediately make it a classic.
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? - Review 2007-12-21
You might be a redneck if you aren't.
The Golden Compass - Review 2007-12-21
Hopefully there aren't two more of these.
Mahjong Quest Expeditions - Review 2007-12-21
A crappy menu system taints an otherwise solid single-player outing.
Jewel Quest Expeditions - Review 2007-12-21
Ditch the story and you've got a good, solid variation on Bejeweled.
Petz: Dogz 2 - Review 2007-12-21
Puppies playing poker.
Power Play Pool - Review 2007-12-21
It won't help you win at the pub.
Puzzle de Harvest Moon - Review 2007-12-21
It's certainly puzzling, we'll give it that
Naruto: Path of the Ninja - Review 2007-12-15
We've been down this road before.
Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends - Review 2007-12-15
Mama's back, but do you need to get your toque back out?
Mario Party DS - Review 2007-12-15
The one party where your DS is welcome.
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - Review 2007-12-15
Square Enix offers up another impressive DS epic.
The New York Times crosswords on your DS - Review 2007-06-20
For many of us, a morning or afternoon spent with The New York Times crossword is a sacred ritual. Who hasn't curled up on the sofa at home, settled into the neighborhood coffees
Famitsu Rates Zelda DS 39/40! - Review 2007-06-20
The latest batch of review scores are out now from the new issue of Japanese publication Famitsu and it seems the magazine loves the new Nintendo DS version of Zelda, scoring it al
Brothers In Arms DS - Review 2007-06-20
War is one of those things that no one wants to really endure. It is one of those things however that we doníŽt seem to mind playing. There is a cacophony of war games out there bu
Metroid Prime Pinball - Review 2007-06-20
Metroid Prime is a Nintendo classic, so when it spawns a pinball game is it a case of taking the brand to far or actually a perfect fit and one that you should be signing up for? W